The Triangle Seagals

Nearly two years after I began the interviews (which included gentle prodding from Norma Schrader), I have finally finished to audio piece on the North Carolina-based Triangle Seagals! I can be found here. I have such fond memories of interviewing all the ladies in the Seagals and am deeply grateful that they were willing to participate. My one biggest regret was that I was not able to finish the piece before Pearl McCormick passed away last year - she was such a joy and inspiration to interview.

Our Massachusetts Adventure

After many years living in Cary, we finally took the plunge and moved to Massachusetts back in late January. While the timing was a bit off (as we moved during the biggest snowfall in Boston's history [110"]) we've enjoyed every moment since moving here. The area is steeped in history, so many of the places we've visited are because of its historical significance. Other places we've visited because of it's beauty, while others are merely just for fun.

Next Projects

I'm in the beginning stages of two new audio projects and am keeping my fingers crossed that they come to fruition. The first is about the Triangle Seagals, whose members (there are about 18 ladies) are former or present women of the various sea services. This a local group of WAVES National. I happened upon an ad in the local Cary newspaper about an uncoming meeting and contacted the President of the group. I had the pleasure of meeting Norma Schrader (who is a lively and energetic 94 year old) and she pitched the idea to the ladies in the Seagals.