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(00:38:54 minutes)

Movie opens with aftermath of Christmas dinner (at Chocola house in Hinsdale, Illinois) followed by various scenes of Christmas tree, living room, television with Christmas cards and ornaments around the house, and exterior shots of neighborhood covered in snow. Cuts to scenes with Dolores and Len Pechanic dressed up and posing at various times with Trina, Lynn, and Mark, then to poodle in chair. Next big scene is Grandma and Grandpa Chocola, in leis, at Grandma Chocola's retirement party held in a hall  with lots of people. Shots of many of the unknown people in attendance including brief shot of  Tony and Florence (Krisenski), Grandma receiving gift from unknown women, and Grandma and Grandpa dancing. Scene then cuts to Lynn's birthday party with 4 unknown girls. The remainder of the movie is shot in Hawaii as part of Grandma and Grandpa's visit (with a brief visit from Carrie and Joe Benak). Consists of various scenes with kids, grandparents, and parents, and sights around Hawaii including Sea World, Waimea Canyon Lookout, Wailua River State Park, Lanae Island, Maui, Kilauea Caldera and the Hawaii Temple of the Latter Day Saints.

(00:19:41 minutes)

Various scenes with Dobes kids including Mary, John, Richard and Joe (and Fuge girl?) racing each other, Mary and John dancing and playing with Raggedy Ann doll, Joe and Richard performing Hawaiian dance, Mom and kids at Easter (mom wearing awesome Easter hat), and John sailing toy boat that eventually sinks. Also includes visit of Grandma and Grandpa Dobes, beginning with them deboarding plane. Scenes at beach (with grandkids), picnic (with Mary and Mom feeding pigeons), visiting USS Arizona Memorial, Sea World, and sliding down Giant Slide. Other brief shots include Mary and John trying to climb laundry pole, John pretending to be pilot, and Mary showing off hairdo and jewelry (and trying to apply lipstick).

(00:23:00 minutes)

Opens with Mom and Mary with the new VW - Mary sits on bumper and Mom tries to make Mary "sit like a lady". Various celebrations including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays (Richard, Dad, Mary and Joe). Scenes of kids doing "kid" things including taking bubble bath (Mary), riding bikes, playing basketball, playing with carriage & doll, practicing on pogo stick, and the opening parade for little league baseball season. Also includes short scene of Mom & Dad gussied up for a formal event.

(00:04:16 minutes)

Includes shots of Grandma Chocola and kids at the beach; playing in sand, surfing, and snorkeling. Also includes various shots of boys playing baseball in the backyard with Mom joining them at one point, and Mary and John running, and hitting and catching baseball.

(00:04:09 minutes)

Various scenes in Hawaii including kids putting on a magic show, kids playing in water at beach with Mom, and Joe and Richard playing little league baseball (the Astros).