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(00:01:44 minutes)

Opens with Joe, Grandpa and Grandma Dobes digging holes for the swingset; later John is on swing alone. Grandpa Dobes pushes 3 boys on swings, boys then play on swing set. Last scenes are interior shots, with 3 boys playing around, Grandpa Dobes trying to take picture of them and Mom and Grandma Dobes talking.

(00:03:52 minutes)

Various scenes of a party at Grandma and Grandpa Dobes' house in Cicerco. Scenes include John trying to walk and Mom and Grandma Dobes helping him out, Mom offering a cigarette to Richard with Grandma C. looking on (then he takes a swig of beer), and brief shots of party guests including Pat Dobes (Bobbe), Dennis Bobbe, Aunt Rose, Dennis Hickey, Aunt Pauline (larger woman - Grandpa Dobes' sister) Dad, George and Joyce Cerny, Mary Minarek (woman in white necklace - Grandpa Dobes' second cousin) Grandpa Chocola, Grandpa Dobes, and John Bobbe (Dennis' father).

(00:01:54 minutes)

Various brief scenes at Pat Dobes and Dennis Bobbe's wedding including Pat getting out of car, Pat and Dennis greeting guests, and Joe as a ring bearer. Cuts to interior shots of Mom feeding baby Mary a bottle, John and Richard climbing on top of Grandma Dobes, and Grandpa Dobes giving boys dollar bills. House where this takes place is unknown.

(00:03:27 minutes)

Includes shots of boys playing on swing set with Grandma Chocola helping them, Richard dressed up blowing bubbles, and brief shots of Holly, the Cocker Spaniel. Also includes exterior shots of house and rose bushes, and other plants and trees in bloom. Ends with Richard and John dressed up in striped suits and bowties sitting on stoop then running to play on swing set.

(00:03:41 minutes)

Various scenes from Charleston including the three boys playing in the backyard/swing set, brief shots of Holly (the dog) running around, and Joe and Richard trying to teach John how to salute. Cuts to Grandma Chocola holding baby Mary. Ends with Joe and Richard each in a batman mask and cape climbing and then sitting on top of a brick chimney (or grill); both boys then begin nodding at each other.