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(00:01:32 minutes)

Opens with close up of Mom holding baby John then cuts to Joe and Richard running around backyard. Also includes scenes of Mom holding John sitting next to Grandma Chocola; Skipper the beagle joins them, Joe and Richard climbing brick structure with 2 unknown little boys. Ends with John on Dad's shoulders.

(00:03:49 minutes)

All scenes shot at Grandma and Grandpa Chocola's house in Cicero. Opens with Mom posing with the three boys. Pat (Bobbe) and Grandma Dobes are sitting on couch watching Joe and Richard run around like hooligans. They are joined by Grandma and Grandpa Chocola, and Grandpa Dobes. Remainder of the film is of Joe and Richard running around to various people, jumping up and down, wearing sunglasses, and causing general mayhem.

(00:02:36 minutes)

Opens with Grandma Chocola wearing fur stole and hat walking down stairs in front of Chocola home. Brief shots of Skipper I running around yard, squirrel in front yard, and neighborhood. Grandma & Grandpa Dobes and Pat Dobes (Bobbe) getting out of car and walking towards house. Rest of film are shots of guests at the dinner table (Grandma and Grandpa Dobes & Chocola, Aunt Rose, Bubbe, and Pat and sitting in living room. Dennis bobbe joins Pat near end of film and the two mug for the camera and get ready to leave.

(00:01:45 minutes)

Joe, Richard, and John saying their prayers and getting ready for bed. Joe and Richard climb into bunk beds and John is in crib.

(00:14:14 minutes)

Opens with various scenes of highway, trees, water filmed from moving car (exit sign for Newberry). Cuts to the three boys sitting on a couch and then goofing around. Cuts to various scenes filmed at Fort Moultie on Sullivan's Island, SC including Richard and Joe playing on a cannon ("7-inch Brooke"), shots of water and surrounding area, and brief shots of Mom and Grandma Chocola with kids. Also includes picnic at Charleston Harbor with Mom, Grandma C., and 3 boys (note that family is eating Charleston Chips); unknown person puts cigarette in John's mouth and then Richard's mouth and Richard pretends to smoke. Extended scenes of Mom, Grandma C. and three boys playing in the water. Final scenes are of the Dobes family dressed up and walking towards camera, exterior shots of house, yard, and neighborhood, kids walking, playing, and riding bike, three boys watching TV/wrestling, and finally Mom and Grandma C. trying to put the boys to bed.