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(00:03:13 minutes)

Grandma Chocola walking with little Joey. Various shots of Vallejo scenery (mountains and water); Mom (pregnant with Richard?). Grandpa Chocola holding Joey, Grandpa smoking cigarette on front stoop and Mom pushing Joey on tricycle. Mom and Dad spent 6 months in Vallejo when Dad went to Nuclear Power School.

(00:03:40 minutes)

Opening shots are in Hazardville, Connecticut. Joey is in a snow suit and is walking around snow and then sitting on front stoop of a rented house. Scene then switches to Cicero, Ill. where Mom stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Chocola for 6 weeks while Dad was in Pittsburgh attending school at Westinghouse. Mom and Grandma Chocola are standing on sidewalk; both are in Easter outfits, with fancy hats. Mom is holding baby Richard and Grandma C. is holding Joey's hand. Next scene is Grandpa C. holding Richard. Last scenes are of Mom and Dad holding Richard and Joey; brief shots of Skipper the beagle (aka Skipper I) running around.

(00:04:36 minutes)

Grandma Chocola with Joey, Mom with Richard at Santa's Village in the White Mountains, Jefferson, New Hampshire. Various scenes of Joey and Richard doing different activities; Joey riding a "sleigh and reindeer" (not real), Richard and Joey with Santa Claus, Joey feeding goats, and Grandma and Grandpa Chocola holding Joey, Grandpa C. and Joey feeding goats. Also includes various shots of the "village" including "Santa's Schoolhouse", ducks in pond, and the entrance sign.

(00:04:10 minutes)

Mom and Dad lived in Kittery because Dad was working on building the USS John Adams. Opening scene is Joey running, then Grandma Chocola picking baby Richard out of stroller. She then watches Richard playing with a hose. Grandpa C. also watches as Richard tries to water the plants. Cuts to Joey playing with the hose and watering the lawn. Cuts to Mom showing off her "baby bump". Brief scenes of Skipper running around, Richard and Joey in a toy car (with Grandma C. watching), and Grandma C. running around with Richard.

(00:01:42 minutes)

Primarily Joe and Richard, both wearing identical red hats with feathers, peddling a toy car, tricycle and wagon (variations on a theme - sometimes Joe is peddling the tricycle with Richard holding on to him or Richard is trying to peddle the tricycle and Joe is in the toy car, etc.). Grandma Chocola is watching them both throughout film. Film cuts to scenery of moss-covered trees filmed through the front windshield of moving car. Location is unknown.