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(00:22:59 minutes)

Various scenes of Annapolis, including sailboats on the Severn River and buildings such as Dahlgren, Bancroft and Mahan Halls, and the Naval Academy Chapel. Other scenes and activities at the Naval Academy are during June Week, including painted Tecumseh statue (with "Army Go Home") painted on it, plebes climbing the Herndon monument to retrieve the Plebian Sailor's hat and replace it with an officer's hat (with sign "Anything else we can do girls?"), statue of goat mascot, etc. Also includes shots of Dad walking with bugle in uniform, performing with the Brigade of Midshipman Drum and Bugle Corps, and walking with duffel bag and boarding an LST (Landing Ship Tank) for his summer cruise on the USS Macon. Also includes brief shots of Aunt Rose sitting on a canon and waving to the camera.

(00:00:54 minutes)

12 seconds of sound with Dad (Midshipman Dobes) inviting viewers to watch the "Midshipmen of Annapolis". Remaining scene of Mom and Dad's wedding (color, silent) with them posing outside of church with wedding party.

(00:26:40 minutes)

Home movie is a montage of important moments including Dad's graduation from the Naval Academy, Mom & Dad's wedding and time in Kittery, Maine. Graduation scenes include women (l to r Aunt Pat, Grandma Chocola, Aunt Rose and Grandma Dobes) and Grandpa Chocola sitting on wall, Mom & Dad aboard a YP (Yard Patrol) Cruise on the Severn River (Grandpa & Grandma Chocola have brief shots), Dad marching with sword, indoor graduation ceremony at the Field House (Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. spoke at the graduation), and Mom & Dad kissing. Also includes outdoor scenes at a cottage on a lake with Mom, Dad, and both sets of grandparents, and landscape scenes from the Connecticut Turpike when Mom & Dad and grandparents drove to Massachusetts for a roommate's wedding . Movie also includes 2 interspersed scenes of Mom & Dad's wedding at Our Lady of Holy Mount Church, primarily them exiting the church and posing with the wedding party. Also has scenes (again out of order chronologically) of Mom and three boys (John is a baby) in Charleston, SC, then with Richard and Dad is holding John. Also includes Richard and Joe sitting on front porch mugging for camera, playing on swings, playing with unknown dog.

(00:12:20 minutes)

All scenes shot at the Naval Academy during graduation, including interior shots of chapel (dark). Includes quite a bit of marching (Drum & Bugle Corps), inside chapel, and graduation ceremony. Includes brief shots of Mom & Dad  (in slow motion), and Pat Dobes (Bobbe).

(00:03:42 minutes)

Opens with Mom and Grandma Chocola; Mom, then Grandma C. is holding baby Joey. Cuts to shots of various scenes of Hawaii (beach, island, etc.), then to Grandma C. walking on beach with scenes of water and waves. Camera moves to Mom in car (1956 Plymouth - Mom & Dad's first car) feeding Joey with a bottle - she's smiling and talking. Various shots of local children, housing where Mom & Dad lived (Manaloa Terrace), and  Grandma C. hanging laundry.