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Title: 1969-06 (Side B)

(00:15:27 minutes)

Mom starts of by wishing Grandpa a happy father's day and then thanks them for birthday money and that she will likely spend it on new clothes. Talks about sewing things for around the house particularly since we are staying in the house because the Navy doesn't have other housing. Talks about gardening in the hot weather, Dad's job, spring cleaning, and that Dad is finally building a sewing cabinet for her. Talks more about how Dad is looking forward to new job and that there are only 11 months left before the submarine goes to sea.

Title: 1969-06 (Side A)

(00:17:00 minutes)

All the kids wishing Grandpa Chocola a happy father's day. Joe begins by telling Grandpa about the gift he (Joe) got him and that it's the best, and then says that he's going to summer school because he is not doing well in reading. He talks about making his First Communion on the 18th of June (at 6:30 mass) which is the same mass for the men in Vietnam. John starts off by giggling and then sings the "Pan Am" theme song. Richard talks about what time school starts and that he helped with planting.



Title: 1969-03 (Side B)

(00:09:44 minutes)

Kids talk in varying order, but all of them wish Grandpa and Grandma a Happy Anniversary. John sings "Truly Scrumptious" and Joe sings "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". Richard talks about what they're doing for May Day and then he and Joe sing an Hawaiian song and then he sings "One Paddle Two Paddle". John says that he's going to Kindergarten and then Mary talks about her birthday presents.

Title: 1969-03 (Side A)

(00:08:57 minutes)

Opens with Mom talking about Dad's trip to Guam and that he came home with the tape recorder. Dad wishes Grandpa and Grandma a Happy Anniversary and that he had the day off because of General Eisenhower's death. Also talks about how things are kind of slow, although he and Mom went to a wedding. Mom elaborates on the wedding and that she finished knitting Dad's sweater. Also talks about going to the Submarine Birthday Ball, going golfing, and that the kids have the week off.


Title: 1969-01 (Side B)

(00:07:15 minutes)

Mary sings "Tiny Bubbles" and both John and Mary attempt to sing their ABC's. The rest of the tape are the kids talking to Skipper.


Title: 1969-01 (Side A)

(00:07:55 minutes)

All the kids sing various songs. Mary sings "Pearly Shells" and "Do-Re-Mi", Richard sings "Ti-Pi-Tin" and Mary joins in. John sings "Hukilau" and Joe sings "One Paddle, Two Paddle" and Richard and Joe sing "Tiny Bubbles". At the end of the recording hear all four grandparents speaking.