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Title: 1970-06 (Side B)

(00:15:44 minutes)

Mom talking solo to Grandma and Grandpa Chocola. Talks about how busy the summer is, how Dad finished the dollhouse and is working on building an outdoor camping kitchen (even though there isn't any time for camping), and wondering what Richard's Christening date is. Also talks about how the kids are outgrowing their clothes, repairing the washing machine, what movies the family saw, Dad's work schedule (Sea Trials), and things they may have to buy when moving back to the mainland the next year (like a new car).

Title: 1970-06 (Side A)

(00:15:44 minutes)

Mom asking kids questions that they're answering for Grandma and Grandpa Chocola. Dad is in the background. Mary talks about Skipper's (the dog) 10th birthday, getting a new dollhouse and not being old enough to play the game Life, John talks about how the family is going to get a new dog and how Richard and Joey did at the Summer Fun on the base. Richard talks about running races, the Hawaii Islanders, and his friend Chris, and Joey talks about serving mass and playing the game Life. Kids sing "Ti-Pi-Tin", "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" and then sing Happy Birthday to Skipper.

Title: 1970-05 (Side B)

(00:16:31 minutes)

Mom and Dad talking (with Mary in the background playing her music box). Talks about Joey's operation, fertilizing the grass, going to lots of movies, how hot it is, Dad's work, and getting the VW repainted. Also encouraging Grandpa and Grandma to let them know when they are visiting Hawaii and to make reservations soon.

Title: 1970-05 (Side A)

(00:16:32 minutes)

Starts off with Richard wishing Grandma Chocola a Happy Mother's Day and then talks about First Communion and that he got a watch and the family went to Pearl City Tavern for dinner. Then John talks about what he at dinner and that tomorrow is "Boys' Day". Joey then talks about what he had for dinner and that he is going to the hospital the next day for a hernia operation. He talks about how he is doing in school ("pretty good") and that he has lots of homework. Mary then talks about what she had for dinner, what movies they just saw, that she can see John's pupik (belly button), and then sings "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "ABC's". John ends the tape telling Grandma and Grandpa what he wants for his birthday.

Title: 1970-04

(00:08:10 minutes)

Grandma and Grandpa Chocola singing happy birthday to Joey. Grandma asks Mom if the birthday presents for Mary and Joey arrived in time, and then Grandma and Grandpa congratulate Dad on his promotion. They talk about the audio tapes and also say that they liked the boys singing the May Day songs to them. Grandpa asks Dad what the latest news was about the Navy buildup in the Sea of Japan. Grandma ends by talking about spring cleaning, the weather, and upcoming social obligations.

Title: 1969-12 (Side B)

(00:16:35 minutes)

Mom and Dad talking to Grandma and Grandpa. Dad tells them about the ship's party they went to for the 10th Anniversary of the commission of the USS Sea Dragon and the story of why the Sea Dragon is known as the "Red Pirate of the South China Seas". The big news in Hawaii is a shipping strike which may impact Christmas particularly getting Christmas trees (Mom says she doesn't like Norfolk Pine trees). After dinner they are going to the Honolulu International Center to see the festival of lights. The weather is still warm and then they talk about when they are going to send the next tape. Mom says that they saw "Funny Girl" and liked it and then end with talking about when WESTPAC will or will not happen.

Title: 1969-12 (Side A)

(00:16:19 minutes)

Mary begins by telling Grandma and Grandpa what presents she got in her stocking for St. Nicholas Day (and also describes the stocking). Tells Grandma and Grandpa what she wants for Christmas including a doll, doll crib and a bottle for her doll. Next is Joe who describes the weather, the exact time (4 minutes to 2 o'clock) and that it's Pearl Harbor Day. Also says what he wants for Christmas and asks Grandma and Grandpa if they're coming next summer. John tells Grandma and Grandpa that he's wearing new Hush Puppies and that he got a camera for St. Nick's Day. He reads a couple of pages from "Hop on Pop". Richard says that he's been a good boy and that he wants football stuff for Christmas.

Title: 1969-11 (Side B)

(00:17:04 minutes)

All the kids opening with an "Aloha"! Joe says that it's November 21 at 4 p.m. and that it's 82 degrees outside. Mary talks about being sick with a cold, and John and Richard talk about what they did in school. Joe and Richard sing "Rise and Shine" and "Enter, Rejoice and Come In". Joe and John argue about a puppet show and then all the kids tell Grandma and Grandpa what they want for Christmas.

Title: 1969-11 (Side A)

(00:17:03 minutes)

Mom and Dad talking (with kids in the background), blaming each other for not taping. Thanksgiving is coming up and they have bought a 17 lb. turkey. Talk about a variety of things including a party they gave and that they covered the lanai with a fiberglass roof. Mom talks about how she has started Christmas shopping and that she would mail Grandma and Grandpa's presents soon to California since that's where they were spending Christmas. Also talk about the weather about another party they're going to give.