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Title: 1972-09 (Side A)

(00:30:57 minutes)

Mom talking alone. Family has been very busy, have been watching Olympics every night, took kids on a tour of the water station and then did a little shopping. Dad is out to sea until next week (he's the Operations Officer) and is looking forward to moving onto his next job as XO. Still don't have official orders, but we have plans on being in Chicago. Mom goes into detail about holding off on buying winter coats until we get to Chicago and that Grandma and Grandpa will need to pick us up in 2 cars because there will be a lot of people/luggage. When we get there, she was thinking of splitting us up and maybe the kids can stay with Grandma Dobes because we can't all fit into Grandma and Grandpa Chocola's house. Also talks about Christmas and that she hasn't given much thought to presents since we'll be moving.

Title: 1972-07 (Side B)

(00:30:52 minutes)

Mom and Dad begin by figuring out the tape recorder (first time it's been used). They've been busy in the past few weeks going to the beach, picnics, baseball games, dinner, movies, etc.  Tell Grandma and Grandpa that it looks like Dad is going to get orders to New London, CT and Dad will need to report to duty in January 1973. Talk about the details of moving and Christmas. Wants Grandma to send Mom her measurements and also pricing out Singer sewing machine cabinets. Also talks about Dad wanting to buy a typewriter, that he's periodically going out to sea, and what Dad brought back from Japan and the Philippines (jewelry, glassware, kimono, carving set, speakers, etc.). Went out for dinner Friday and in walks Milton Berle, wife and kids (and boy he looks old!) and there recently was a change of command that they went to.

Title: 1972-07 (Side A)

(00:30:52 minutes)

Kids are basically all talking at once. Joe tells some jokes, talks about going to a Hawaii Islanders game, 2 record albums he has, and that he became a junior life guard. Richard has a sore throat, talks about baseball and that he went fishing today. John talks about baseball game as well and that he passed his swimming test. Mary went to a birthday party at Farrell's and what Dad brought back from WESTPAC (Pachinko machine, dolls, kimono, etc.). Kids also talk about Summer Fun and what different people sound like when they sneeze. Overall, total chaos.

Title: 1972-05 (Side B)

(00:16:52 minutes)

Mom is solo and begins by telling Grandma and Grandpa that she's sorry for taking so long to send the tape. She's been doing spring cleaning in preparation for Dad's return home. She talks a bit about Grandma Dobes and how it will take her a while to get used to driving a car alone. She's proud that Grandma and Grandpa Chocola are treating Grandma Dobes the same way after Grandpa Dobes died (and not differently because now she doesn't have a husband). Still haven't gotten orders to next duty station and not sure when Dad is coming home because the ship has been delayed indefinitely. She says that the kids are starting to get on her nerves because they're getting anxious about when Dad is coming home.

Title: 1972-05 (Side A)

(00:16:50 minutes)

John starts by reading a story he wrote on why he would like to be a dog. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for baseball hats and glove, shirt, and GI Joe stuff. Tells them that the kids are watching "The Brady Bunch" and "The Partridge Family" and describes the episodes. Tells them that he had a bad Tuesday because he had two cavities filled, but that he got to listen to Sesame Street on the ear phones. Richard talks about playing volleyball, his May Day went fine, bowling, baseball, and how everyone is sitting around watching TV. Joe tells Grandma and Grandpa that he just got the new Osmonds Phase III album and lists all the songs. He wants to sing one of the songs but Mom won't let him. He ends by telling them he got an E in Science on his report on space. Mary tells Grandma and Grandpa that she went to Lailani's birthday party and that she took a field trip to Paradise Park and the Humane Society.

Title: 1972-04 (Side B)

(00:09:32 minutes)

Tape continues with Richard talking about how he's doing in bowling and what he is going to do for May Day. For May Day Dad bought him a kimono. He also has two cavities. Mary also tells them what she is doing for May Day and sings the song "May Day is Lei Day". She complains that Mom won't buy her a lei. Mom ends the tape by saying that she's been sewing and cleaning the house and there still aren't any orders yet.

Title: 1972-04 (Side A)

(00:08:19 minutes)

John starts by telling Grandma and Grandpa that he's making his First Communion when Dad comes home and then we'll go to the Pagoda Restaurant for dinner. Tells them what he wants for his birthday. Joe talks about the Apollo 16 launch and a field trip he is going on the next day.

Title: 1972-03 (Side B)

(00:17:04 minutes)

Starts off with Mom signing off (leftover from Side A) and then kids start talking. Mary is mostly thanking Grandma and Grandpa for her birthday presents and how her tooth fell out. Richard talks about "Mr. Kanaka Dobes", bowling, and playing basketball, and how he had 2 cavities. John also talks about Kanaka and getting Richard a pair of false teeth - he also sings "Peter Cottontail". Joey tells Grandma and Grandpa what he wants for his birthday including a leather vest with fringe on the bottom and sides. Joey tries to sing several songs and the kids finally end the tape trying to sing the theme song to the Brady Bunch.

Title: 1972-03 (Side A)

(00:16:46 minutes)

Mom talking solo to Grandma and Grandpa Chocola. Talks about shopping at the Exchange for Joey's birthday and Easter shopping for all of the kids. Then talks about Dad coming home for Mary's birthday (he was at sea) and how surprised Mary was when she got her bike and a Barbie doll. Also talks about how Dad wasn't going to be home for John's birthday, so gave John his bike early. Also speaks about how anxious she is to leave Hawaii but that Dad hadn't received his orders yet. Lastly talks about Kanaka.