Next Projects

I'm in the beginning stages of two new audio projects and am keeping my fingers crossed that they come to fruition. The first is about the Triangle Seagals, whose members (there are about 18 ladies) are former or present women of the various sea services. This a local group of WAVES National. I happened upon an ad in the local Cary newspaper about an uncoming meeting and contacted the President of the group. I had the pleasure of meeting Norma Schrader (who is a lively and energetic 94 year old) and she pitched the idea to the ladies in the Seagals. I'm not quite sure where the story is going to go, but I'm hoping to interview all the ladies of the group. The second story has to do with nicknames and where they come from, what do they mean, how do they stick, etc. I'm lucky enough to have a colleague at work who comes from a large family where there are a lot of nicknames. I not only found the names fascinating, but also was curious as to why there were so many family members who have nicknames. I attended my colleague's family reunion this past weekend (their 100th!) and met a lot of wonderful people who were willing to tell me the story of their name. Not sure where this story is going either, but am very excited to explore the possibilities.