1957, Annapolis by Aunt Rose

(00:22:59 minutes)

Various scenes of Annapolis, including sailboats on the Severn River and buildings such as Dahlgren, Bancroft and Mahan Halls, and the Naval Academy Chapel. Other scenes and activities at the Naval Academy are during June Week, including painted Tecumseh statue (with "Army Go Home") painted on it, plebes climbing the Herndon monument to retrieve the Plebian Sailor's hat and replace it with an officer's hat (with sign "Anything else we can do girls?"), statue of goat mascot, etc. Also includes shots of Dad walking with bugle in uniform, performing with the Brigade of Midshipman Drum and Bugle Corps, and walking with duffel bag and boarding an LST (Landing Ship Tank) for his summer cruise on the USS Macon. Also includes brief shots of Aunt Rose sitting on a canon and waving to the camera.